A PASSION of mine is to film LIFE STORIES & ALL KIND OF HUMAN & SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATIONS. Different states, life- situations and rituals and other human experiences. I LOVE to witness moments of child-birth, celebrations of family members and other important get-togethers, weddings and love celebrations!!

I film & direct both documentaries and fictional stories If You are looking for a sensitive camera-woman, photographer or director. I would truly enjoy contributing with my sensitive way of filming and telling a story with depth.

Simply being there, very quiet, still and respectful, or if wanted very involved.. letting my camera witness what ever experience is happening and to make the memories last forever for the people involved – on film or with photos.

With over 15 years of experience within filming I have often been asked to film rather sensitive topics, like documenting ( filming and photographing ) women in their last moments. First time was years ago, when a director asked for my help to film for“ 37°Grad „- a german documentary series for TV. She asked me to portray an actress during her last days among us. I felt rather shaken up while experiencing that immediate situation and witnessing the protagonist right infront of my camera surrounded by her supportive and grieving family, just minutes before she passed on. That experience touched and humbled me deeply .

I have also worked in the corporate business for many years as a camera woman for different companies: Amnesty, Die Grünen, Heinrich-Böll Stiftung, Depak -Deutsche Presse Akademie, IHK, + various artists, actors & directors.

Last but not least: I am a co- founder of an image film company: WE offer beautiful image films for entrepreneurs, healers, artists, women and companies.

Feel welcome to send me Your request!

Love, Aura

Showreel for some artistic camera work by Aura:

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