S O U L * P H O T O G R A P H Y

S O U L photography is a NEW way of photographing, that captures Your ESSENCE *

S O U L photography is my way of photographing women and individuals where I let Your inner light and soul become visible. I work in a soft and sensitive way so that heart, body and spirit can open up and get time to align.

*No pressure to look or be in a certain way and no objectifying *

With my long education and many years of professional experience in portrait & art photography, film and healing work, I take you along in an exciting and inspiring process where You can unfold Your beauty within a safe and professional frame together with me & my lovely camera. Together we unfold Your visions *

Within 1 or 2 sessions we meet and „play“ and have a a relaxed, fun and wonderful time time while we create the pictures YOU want. It could be soul portraits, fancy or fun and professional images in different variations where You can find New ways of feeling and seeing yourself.

Location – We can work in the forest or at the water or at some other city or nature location / space where You feel drawn to. We can become creative at Your place, in my home studio in Berlin or London or if You want in an luxury hotel.

We will find the right place and environment that fits You and Your needs and Images.

My way of working goes deeper than posing and is a „process work“ that will increase Your self-love and self-confidence and bring You beautiful shining sparkling Images of Yourself! You will feel truly seen in Your essence * You will hopefully leave the session feeling lighter, brighter and more confident in Yourself and to what You want to show of Yourself to the world.

I have created different packages:

  1. SOUL PACKAGE – is a 2 Session opportunity to feel and have more time to become confident in the process, feeling beautiful and create shining portraits of You

This package which will give You more time to relax and go into the depth with me will result in better and clearer pictures of and for You. With more time to „work“ we can experiment more and we will have the luxury to slowly open up in the right tempo that You need and want.

„The SOUL PACKAGE is recommended for people that do not yet feel very comfortable in front of the camera and want to have more time to get used to the camera and standing „in the Light“. Also if You have had some not so good and loving experiences in front of the camera in your history, I truly & warmly welcome You to book the 2-session way.“

The SOUL PACKAGE includes an 1h. pre-meeting + 2 Sessions 3h + 2 h + Retouching of 10 High Quality Portraits + feedback + post-meeting ( if wanted + with option of more photos if wanted)

2. LIGHT PACKAGE – You can book a LIGHT PACKAGE if You want to come for 1 session and play and shine together with me. I will work accordingly to Your wishes and needs.

Whether You want beautiful strengthening portraits for Yourself or book a session for some more joy and light in Your life and your images ..or You need some New portraits for Your website. This is a safe and loving way of working and You will definitely feel seen and comfortable to open up and Let Your SOUL shine in front of my camera.

I will help You to get over any obstacles so that You can get the pictures You want of Yourself. My way of working comes from my heart <3 Feel warmly welcome to book a SOUL Session with me.

The LIGHT PACKAGE includes a pre-meeting + a 2,5 hour session( indoor/outdoor ) + post-production of 5 high-quality Images for YOU + feedback <3

I also offer:

3. WOMENS & ARTISTS portrait and portfolio session I HEAD SHOTS I Advertising I Interior photography I image films I dance films I documentaries I SOUL FILM I destination WEDDING Film & Photography

Feel warmly welcome to contact me with Your requests at: Aura@Mail.uk

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