PORTRAITS – taken with LOVE by AURA

PORTRAITS , FAMILY PORTRAITS and LOVELY SUMMER – PHOTO SESSIONS for EVERYBODY that wants NEW FRESH PORTRAITS or some New business images or an image-film for Your website, Your social media or agency.

PORTRAIT “ SOUL“ PHOTOGRAPHY is my sensitive way of photographing women, artists and individuals. I aim to capture YOUR true ESSENCE into the IMAGES

My way of working will make You feel BEAUTIFUL as YOU ARE and increase Your SELF-LOVE and SELF-CONFIDENCE ..the session will bring You into Your true STRENGTH and BEAUTY and make YOU feel shining. Let’s create some beautiful & NEW FRESH IMAGES of YOU

With a long education and many years of professional experience in portrait and art photography, film and healing work, I take you along in an exciting and inspiring process together with me and the camera. Together we unfold Your VISIONS and have FUN while we create the images ..promise !!

Love, Aura / contact me & BOOK YOUR session with me : karoliina.p@gmx.de

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