PORTRAIT “ SOUL“ PHOTOGRAPHY is a NEW way of photographing women, artists and individuals and aims to capture YOUR true ESSENCE – into the IMAGES **

I will let Your inner light and soul become visible. We work in a soft and sensitive way so that Your heart, body and spirit can open up, relax and become visible. My soft way of working will definitely let YOU feel seen and make You comfortable in front of my camera.
There is NO pressure to look or be in a certain way and definitely no objectifying!

I will make Your true YOU visible! We co-create New portraits for You and Your website or agency.

My way of working is more of a „process work“ and will most likely increase Your SELF-LOVE and SELF-CONFIDENCE and bring You into Your STRENGTH and BEAUTY **

Together we create beautiful shining sparkling Images of Yourself! AND I promise You will feel truly seen in Your essence . You will leave the session feeling lighter, brighter and more confident in Yourself and to what You want to show of Yourself to the world AND YOU WILL HAVE SHINING NEW IMAGES OF YOURSELF!“

With a long education and many years of professional experience in portrait and art photography, film and healing work, I take you along in an exciting and inspiring process together with me and my lovely camera. Together we unfold Your VISIONS.

LOCATION: We can work in the NATURE!! I love working in the forest or at the water!! Or we can become creative at Your place, in my home-studio in Berlin or anywhere you want and any location You feel drawn to. We will choose the right place and environment that fits You and Your Images.

You can book an Hair&Make-Up artist over me.. I cooperate with very talented professionals and I will help You to find the most suitable H&M- artist for Your session.

I offer ARTISTS – HEAD SHOTS I Interior photography I dance photo & film I SOUL /IMAGE FILM I Destination WEDDING Film

Feel warmly welcome to contact or book Your session with me:: karoliina.p@gmx.de

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