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MY WORK focuses on the depth of the SOULS of WOMEN * ARTISTS  * NATURE  in front of my camera*
I am interested in YOUR essence & spirit and aim to catch
what I discover into the images and connect to your inner expression and light
I will let YOU feel truly seen and secure, so that you can open up and be co-creative in the process of the photographing or filming.
It usually becomes a very joyful and empowering experience and happens with sensitivity,
respect and L O V E so that you can enjoy connecting to yourself and
feel good, happy & relaxed together with me and with the camera.
A photo/film-session with me will hopefully boost your self-awareness & self-love to a NEW level
 We will create SHINING & BEAUTIFUL Images of YOU on the way
AURA – (Karoliina) I was born in Finland & grew up in Sweden
I have worked over 15 years as a freelance photographer & director of photography in Berlin and Scandinavia
I have various years of experience in the german TV/Film industry
I have directed short films and dance videos and have various educations
 in spiritual and personal growth work, dance, film & photography
I love working in nature and preferably on islands and next to the water
Feel warmly welcome to book a nature / city -session with me in Stockholm, ÀLAND , Berlin or elsewhere <3


AURA – Karoliina Paasonen

Phone: +49(0)172 392 4231