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AURA´s work focuses on women and nature and she often works with dancers and actresses in front of her camera.
She seeks to visualize the essence and the spirit of the women she portrays and connects to their inner expression and light.
In her „work“ with women & artists she lets the person in front of the camera feel seen and secure to open up
and be co-creative in the process of the photographing/filming. It becomes a connective experience
on a deeper level and happens with ease, fun, respect, joy and love.
Her way of working has nothing to do with „shooting“a person,
but everything to do with connecting in an honest way and meeting yourself and each other in a playful, honoring and beautiful way.
AURA – Karoliina was born in Finland /grew up in Sweden and has lived 20 years in Berlin, Germany.
She has worked over 15 years as a freelance photographer & director of photography in Berlin and Scandinavia
and has various educations in spiritual and personal growth work, dance, film & photography.
She L O V E S islands, water and boats and takes every chance possible to travel and work on islands
in Åland, Denmark, Sweden & Berlin Stralau .. and around the world <3
Feel free to book your own photo or video session in the nature or anywhere else with <3



Phone: +49(0)172 392 4231